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Time To Meditate- An Invitation to Join the
English Theosophical Society Link Meditation
By the ex-National President of the Theosophical Society in England, Eric McGough

I am often asked how theosophists can put theosophical knowledge into practice. Many members are concerned that the Theosophical Society doesn't have practical things for its members to do. Some refer to other organisations that have ceremonies, rituals, and practices, which their members participate in. Some have told me that the lack of these causes members to join other groups because they feel a strong need to `do something'. Often this is driven by the desire to help the world in some way. There is a growing concern about such issues as global warming, poverty, economic breakdown, and the perception that materialism is running out of control. Top of the list for theosophists is the wish to assist in bringing about an increasing spiritual awareness into people's lives generally and world affairs in particular.

For virtually all of the many decades of the Theosophical Society's existence the emphasis has been placed on spreading and teaching theosophy as the most important work for the Society and its members. To this day, that is still top of the agenda, and rightly so, because as the Master KH says "Theosophy is the one hope for the future of humanity". We are told that the Hierarchy work ceaselessly to bring spiritual light into the world. They watch over the affairs of the world and guide in whatever ways they can without interfering in the divine right of every individual to determine his or
her own destiny. In this work they are most reliant on their disciples – students of the Wisdom, and Light Workers who have pledged themselves to the service of humanity and the Masters. There have always been members of the Theosophical Society that have taken this extreme step, dedicating their lives to the `Great Work', and it has been from the Society and other groups that the Masters have found those most willing and ready to respond to their inspiration and spiritual presence.

The Theosophical Society has now entered a new phase in its existence and so too have its members. Both Society and members need now to respond, to raise their level of thinking and acting as a result
of the changing demands of the times. The spread of theosophical teachings to an ever widening audience is still the top priority, and always will be, however, it is time for the many to assist the few in their tireless work to raise the level of spiritual energy in human affairs. The Masters have called for
this and many other groups have already responded, each in their own unique way.

The Hierarchy maintain a network of spiritual energy surrounding the globe; like a web of light (with Shambala at its heart). You can imagine this if you close your eyes and think about it. It is made up of threads of mental and spiritual energy, which over time have become joined without a break like a fine mesh. The World Wide Web is a more general version at the physical level, although unlike the Hierarchy's web its use is open to corruption. (All human inventions are the children of parent patterns first set on the mental plane.) Individuals wishing to add their energy to this web link to it through meditation. At the present this web is being maintained and added to by only a few people at any one given time. As more and more people join in adding their energy and their will the web will become stronger, more vibrant, and much more effective. The work of the Hierarchy in promoting spiritual principles into everyday affairs will be increased exponentially. The key note of brotherhood and working for the whole of humanity in ever greater levels of cooperation between nations and organisations will be greatly enhanced.

We can see that if Theosophy is spread far and wide, with its universal teachings and emphasis on brotherhood and non-discrimination, and its members join with others to add their power to the power of the Hierarchy, pouring inspiration and spiritual power into the mental plane, gradually we will bring about the changes we so desperately want to see. If we truly want to see a humanity that is one family — that acts together for the good of all, if we want to see the ending of wars and the abolishment of slavery and of poverty we must apply our theosophical knowledge and work with the Hierarchy to
bring this about in the only way possible — through the minds of our fellow man by the increasing of spiritual knowledge and awareness.

I invite you to take part in a monthly Link Meditation as part of your spiritual work as a theosophist. It is my hope that most of the members of the TS in England will take part in this work. Once we have established our harmonic resonance as a Section we can seek to link with other groups world wide
and contribute our love and energy to the global thought form.

Eric McGough

The Link Meditation

(To be used at each Full Moon by as many members as possible)
May the Masters of Wisdom, for whose work this Society was founded, guard and guide it in that task.
May they ever strengthen it with their power, inspire it with their wisdom and energise it with their activity.

Mindful of the goal of Brotherhood, let us link ourselves to all who are doing this work with us.
Let us envisage the whole of humanity as one expression of the Universal Life, in which each of us is a living cell.
Let us envisage the Theosophical Society as a nucleus filled with awareness of the unity of all life with the Universal Life;
Let our minds rest on that unity, and our spirits illuminate it. STILLNESS
Allow your aura to fill with light – with the illumination of spiritual unity. (meditation may last as long here as each individual chooses)

Conscious of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, of which we are a nucleus, let us hold ourselves in intense stillness and offer ourselves as a channel through which light and love may radiate into the world.
We concentrate on the Theosophical Society and its sections, lodges, branches and related groups,
that they may be filled with spiritual light. May the whole of Humanity be blessed through them.

As we use the Distribution, see the light shining out into the minds of humanity throughout the world, more intensely with each moment.
We open our hearts to the stream of love radiating from the Hierarchy. We open our minds to their work.
We offer our light and our love to the Masters of Wisdom.
Through them our light pours forth into the minds of men Bringing higher awareness, wisdom, and peace.
So let it be.

I would like to explain about the time of meditating on the day of the full moon, as some of you are unsure about the link timing.

This has been examined for many years now by groups wishing to link in this way. It has been determined that the actual time on the day is arbitrary and of little concern. This is because meditation
is centred in the mental plane and with practice at the very high mental and Buddhic areas.

You may have noticed that when you have a strong dream involving a substantial length of activity/time, and are wakened during it, the actual time passed can be as little as two or three minutes on the bedside clock, while the time experienced in the dream can be hours. This is, of course, because time is not constant beyond the physical plane. The deeper our consciousness shifts into the inner planes the more ‘timeless’ conditions are.

Most will work in the evening, many prefer early morning, but either way the light that they channel will be added to the pool of power at the higher mental level and beyond. A lodge or other group may be able to incorporate the meditation before or after the meeting when it falls on that day. Some members will agree with others to link at a certain time and work together as a team. This can amplify the forces generated as well as giving an easier, more recognizable awareness of the linking. It is hoped that
many hundred members and friends (if not more) will join in, and so there will always be many people linking on that day each month.

The full moon is chosen because it is a day when the moon is behind the Earth from the Sun and therefore the Sun’s power is uninterrupted. Also, the moon adds the Sun’s reflected light/power (particularly polarized at the subconscious levels) giving a full spectrum of solar power to the Earth’s atmosphere/aura. The inner planes are more easily accessible during this time, aiding us to focus away from the physical condition.

Groups all over the world use this day for link meditation so we are adding our spiritual intent and spiritual light into the Earth’s aura and the network of channels sustained and used by the Masters for the spiritualization of humanity and the evolution of all kingdoms of nature.

I hope this helps understanding about this very enjoyable and rewarding form of service. Your feed back from time to time will be very valuable and will help us to fine-tune the form of the meditation.
With warm thoughts,

Eric McGough
(Ex-National President of the Theosophical Society in England)

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